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Winning Tradition, Winning Commitment


July 16 - July 30, 2011



Baby Jo Memorial

January 22-24, 2011



UMKC Debate Team


The UMKC Debate Team is nationally-competitive at intercollegiate debate competitions.


UMKC Debate has a purpose taken from the Cross Examination Debate Association to create and support a community of scholar-advocates within the larger institution of higher education who respect one another as seekers of knowledge and agents of social justice; actively encourage participation in all forms of academic debate as a means to create personal leadership, transformation and growth; embrace a diversity of ideas and participants in order to foster an appreciation of the complexity and richness of human existence; promote the value of argumentative discourse as a means of producing reasoned, measured, cooperative solutions to contemporary problems of social and political significance.


UMKC is committed to this purpose, and we fulfill this purpose through both our competitive choices and our out-of-competition activities.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the UMKC Debate Team. Please fill out our online application.