UMKC Enactus did it yet again... they won the regional championships!. National Business Competitions Team Intercollegiate Champions of Chinese Dragon Boat Races Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II, Henry Block, Chancellor Leo Morton & Dean Ten-Kee Tan share the rewards of another successful year.

Welcome to UMKC Enactus

Enactus brings together a diverse network of university students, academic professionals and industry leaders around the shared mission of creating a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business. By contributing their talents to projects that improve the lives of people worldwide, Enactus participants are demonstrating that individuals with a knowledge and passion for business can be a powerful force for change.

Come meet the UMKC Enactus Team

Each Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm
UMKC Administration Building
5115 Oak Street
The Plaza Room

"The students I see involved with Enactus possess a confidence that comes from hard work, innovative thinking, team building, and resilience. They understand what it takes to be successful in their projects and how to move on when they fail. These are exactly the traits we need in the future leaders of society and business."
John P. Bilbrey, CEO, The Hershey Co.


Changing the World

Changing the World

Enactus is one of the largest student organizations in the world with teams on more than 1,600 college campuses in the United States, and in more than 40 countries throughout the world. We apply classroom experiences to develop and implement educational outreach programs that educate our community about market economics, success skills, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

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Meet the Team

Meet the Team
  • During my first year with Enactus we won the Regional Competition in Denver and competed in the National Competition in Chicago. The projects that we completed contributed to the community and were recognized by the judges as being quality projects.

    - Jason Patterson UMKC Enactus Past President

  • When I came to UMKC from a small town, Enactus provided me with an opportunity to meet people, and to be a part of a team made up of freshmen to grad students from nine different UMKC schools. I've formed some very close friendships.

    - Kaity Claren UMKC Enactus Past Co-President

  • Enactus has given me the opportunity to work on projects that are recognized as being of value to UMKC and the community. I can choose which projects I'm interested in, and how I might best contribute to the team.

    - Kendra Konrady UMKC Enactus Recruitment Director

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